Children's war graves in Iraq

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"Children should not pay the price for conflict" - Amnesty International

"I have come to realise that caring in politics isn't really about caring" Tony Blair Labour conference Sept 2006
Picture exhibition by Iraqi school-children

What mother knows this moment

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20-month old Iraqi baby girl, named Shams (means "Sun" in Arabic).
Victim of car bomb in Sadr City, Baghdad.
She is alive but sadly lost both her eyes.
Her mother was killed in the attack.
July 2007 A.D.

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In March 2002, Blair received legal advice from the Foreign Office that an attack on Iraq was illegal under international law.

baby killed I am Iraqbaby saves mother
phosphorus burnOur parents are deadVillage families after homes are bombed
anguish motherteenage depressionhospital boydaddy armsmy son
Ramadi - Before the onslaught My soul is innocent
"Judgement was made by GOD to murder these Iraqi children" - Tony Blair statement to Parkinson 4th March 2006
Prime-Minister Blair offers a hand to Basra children
God doesn't start wars - men do - Colonel Tim Collins (British commander in Iraq)
Children witness killing of parents Iraq children in critical state of fear
'Just want my mummy' © kindly donated by Professor Bernard Chazelle
Fleeing families from the US attack on Fallujah March of Justice
children's drawings from Al-Mansour hospital children's drawings from Al-Mansour hospital
"I don't want presents. I want to live." Heerum Ali 8 years old

Special thanks to Claudia Lefko for her vision and generosity - a true angel in an ocean of love
Jamil moarns the loss of his family including his 6 yrs old brother Shamal Baghdad hospital
Al-Jamil grieves his dead brothers : A hospital in Samarra has many children hit by US HELICOPTER fire
Children from Isahagi injured by US fire
Relatives said the 11 victims were wrapped in blankets and driven in three pickup trucks to the Tikrit General Hospital, about 45 miles to the north.
Samarra massacre My son is dead
Ahmed (aged 4yrs) shot by US forces
Ishagi massacre (pdf)
children's drawings from Al-Mansour hospitalchildren's drawings from Al-Mansour hospital
Some pictures from the children in the cancer ward at Al-Mansour Pediatric Hospital, Iraq.

Bush to Blair he: "thought it unlikely that there would be internecine warfare between the different religious and ethnic groups." Jan 31st 2003

Increased deformities in Iraq babies IRIN 20th May 2005
US tanks fire on car killing four children CNN 8th June 2005
Falluja schools in ruins AZZ'N 8th June 2005
Justice for Iraqi Children AZZ'N 15th May 2005
Children 'starving' in new Iraq BBC News 13th June 2005
Iraq Birth Deformaties soar ICFI World-Wide 10th May 2005

US child death lies DemocracyR 30th May 2005
No child vaccinations Global Research 3rd June 2005
Iraq 2 yr old in mass grave Socialist Worker 7th July 2005
24 Iraqi children die in blast BBC News 13th July 2005
Death rate tripled Pregnant Iraqi women dying IDAO
65,000 children and women killed in Iraq UPI July 2005
Doctors unable to serve children JAMAIL 14th July 2005
Under fives chronically malnourished UNICEF July 2005
War halts children's hospital construction PJM July 2005
Unsafe for school or play Electronic Iraq June 30th 2005
Child Abuse The Petersburg Times June 2005
Children shot dead in front of families John Pilger 2005
Iraq children want peace Bangladesh News 20th July 2005
Blinded Iraqi boy flown to States Gainsville 18th July 2005
Bodies found near school entrance BBC News 1st Aug 2005
IRRESPONSIBLE-not counting Iraqi deaths BMJ Aug 2005
Burnt little Iraqi girl refused help by soldiers IVAW July 2005
US soldiers shot pregnant women killing baby IL Sept 2005
Violence scars Iraqi children Reuters 3rd October 2005
Talafar children dead after US operation e-Iraq Sept 2005
Red Cross support children after US assault IRIN News 2005
US forces in Iraq fail to deliver incubators Peyamner 2005
Tal Afar kids in unhealthy & inhumane conditions IWPR 2005
Iraqi children abducted to sell their organs IFC 2nd Nov 2005
Child casualties from the SECRET AIR WAR on Iraq Nov 2005
242,000 Children CHRONIC HEALTH CAUSED BY WAR(pdf)
US Missile kills eight-year 0ld boy Reuters 4th Dec 2005
IRAQ CHILDREN pulmonary infections rise EI 14th Dec 2005
US Troops force families out of homes Uruknet 26th Dec 2005
BMA report on Child deaths in Falluga - Doctors for Iraq (pdf)
US Soldiers exposed to DU in Iraq causing birth defects (pdf)
Curfew and US bombs terrify children (.Doc) 20th Jan 2006
Reports show TERRIBLE suffering - The Nation Jan 2006 (rpt)
Bomb kills four children in Baghdad - China Daily Feb 2006
US 'heavy' bombs kill 14 children in Al Baeda DFI (pdf)
Twin girls die of injuries in US attack on Iraq field clinic (pdf)
Bird flu kills youngster in N Iraq-Doctors lack med kits (pdf)
Iraqi families acting on rumour and fear Al-Ahram Feb 2006
British troups 'beat up' teenage corpse -Prof. Juan Cole 2006
US blows up Ramadi school building - BBC Monitoring 2006
Sex trade in Iraq children prevents schooling-UN REP. 2006
Children burnt alive by phosphorus-The Hidden Massacre
Samarra hospital-US soldiers fired on children Jamail 2006
Children age 4yrs murdered in Iraq violence-Times Mar 2006
15 yr Iraq girl bought for $700 for sex slave-Al-Quds (Arabic)
PASSIVE GENOCIDE in Iraq - Dr. Polya
War invades classroom-64 Children killed-Times Mar 2006
Samarra children dying as US prevents aid-IRIN 22 Mar 2006
BLAIR-resolution cover for children killed in Iraq-BBC News 24
High infant mortality from treatable diseases-IRIN Apr 2006
Saddam's crimes dwarfedby coalition carnage-MWC Apr 2006

Children's rights - our future re-visited - Amnesty International
Haditha children shot 'execution style' by US-LA Times 2006
Haditha - THE MASSACRE - By the world's People
Families ordered out of Ramadi - The next massacre 18/6/2006
Malnutrition affects 1.5 million Iraqi children under 5-MAIC 2006
Sergeant lies in rape of 14yr old Iraqi girl BBC News 2006
US Soldiers rape 15yr girl & kill brother-USATODAY Sept 2006
US soldiers laugh as pregnant women die-IL 29 Sept 2006
UN Report 1 in 4 children malnourished - E.I. Oct 10th 2006
Living conditions are TRAGIC in Iraq-Global Policy Forum
KILLING IRAQI CHILDREN -Iraq solidarity (Al Thawra) 2006
US Marines kill 5 little girls - BBC News Nov 2006
US Air-Raid kills six children in Ishaqi massacre Dec 8th 2006
2007 CHILD MORTALITY IN IRAQ - Lancet- Prof. Burnham
Five young girls killed in Baghdad School - BBC Jan 2007
Children traumatised by violence in Iraq-Guardian Feb 2007
Children steal in order to eat - IRIN Feb 11th 2007
Children get drugs for sexual favours-IRIN Feb 12th 2007
CHILDREN in IRAQ - The Big Picture UNICEF Mar 2007
Bechtel water crisis - children die - jamail July 2007 (pdf)
US military halts medical care - jamail July 2007 (pdf)
Trauma severe for Iraqi Children - USA Today Jan 2008
Children left to die in hundreds-Independent Jan '08
Children starved of childhood Feb 2008 - Jamail Feb '08
11yrs girl killed by US soldiers - Washington Post Feb '08

The Politics of Dead Children - OnLine Journalism Review

I don't presents, I want to live!
Inmate drawing of young girl beaten in Abu Graib prison

Young girl beaten in Abu Graib (inmate drawing)
Raid on a family in Samarra
No families are safe from destruction and death
Running from US soldiers
girl (8yrs) died slowly of massive internal bleeding

children's drawings from Al-Mansour hospital

"Das ist schlimmer als Abu Ghoreib"
"Das ist schlimmer als Abu Ghoreib"

Haditha - where children were murdered in cold blood
"The Americans have promised us a better life, but we get only death."

"we cannot tire"

Silence kills - Silence is complicity My daddy is dead My letter to the British Queen will my beauty return? Please help me!

You killed my mother

14 year old boys live like scared animals

MAIC Iraq charity for children
Just Foreign Policy Iraqi Death Estimator

IRIB World Service Englisg Radio

Vatican officials stressed the need to resolve the crisis through the United Nations, and "to avert the tragedy of a war that is judged to be still avoidable by more sides."

Shown below are children first diagnosed in Iraq by Dr. Gunther.

The speculation is that the children had played with DU ammunition casings.
DU effects on small babiesWhy kill Children? The terrible effects of Uranium  armour-piecing shells on innocent children

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"many more deaths [in Iraq] even in one year than we will be in any conflict". Tony Blair - Hansard 19 Mar 2003

AVERT - The Politics of AIDS
The Crimes at Abu Graib Are Not the Worst
Mohammed is carried away by his uncle
Special thanks to the family of Mohammad
Thanks from the bottom of our heart to Dr Gideon Polya for his "excess mortality" research and inspiration.
Special thanks to all the doctors and surgeons at PMG confirming UN statistics and the comparisons to our own infant mortality rates. Disarming Iraq: The Search for Weapons of Mass Destruction by Hans Blix
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